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The next chapter

Well here I am after a year, (and some), and I finally have a new outlet. I tried a few ideas out but none of them stuck but now I have it,

It will not be rigid like this blog was, no daily requirement to pollute the internet with my stupid thoughts. No this will be post when I like, for as long as I like, but this one will now stick as I know where I am going…..

The end, (well almost)

Here we all are then 2 days after the 1000 days of photography have finished and been consigned to online history, (and a very small footnote at that!). What do I have to say at this juncture then? View full article »

Over and out

‘And now the end is near and as I face the final curtain…’ The 1000 post was yesterday and this blog is all done and dusted apart from the epitaph and a few other random musings that will finish this off. View full article »

Mist to Milverton

The final post, no the last post that should be. Of course it won’t be but this is the culmination of a project conjured up in a Northants pub with an old friend, (time wise not age I hasten to add). View full article »

Out for a splash

There has been an amazing symmetry to my day today. We got parked up in Sherwood Pines just before dawn and left during dusk, the light was incredibly similar at both times of day. View full article »

Low light Lillington

Ah my last post on here from a cycling day, but not the image. Yes, I was out and about this morning and lunchtime avoiding the showers that were building up all around me. View full article »

Memories of New Zealand

We are getting near the end and a feeling of liberation has overcome me. At times this project, no blog, has been too much for me and I have almost crumbled but with my 1000th image, due on Monday, it is now a breeze. View full article »

I have an overwhelming feeling of things are going to work out running through me, this morning. I haven’t done much but since the epiphany of ‘I need to do something, I’m almost 40’ on Tuesday, the steps I have taken and the wheels in motion feel right. View full article »

One for the road

It would be fair to say that the last few days have been utter turmoil in my head. Upheaval seems an understatement and the exterior has shown nothing, thankfully. View full article »

Aerial buddies

You know what I am just going to do what the hell I want in these last few posts. I wasn’t going to do anything other than talk about photography, no fluff, but balls to that! View full article »

Is there anybody out there?

Today I feel nothing. The weekend, and rallying, were brilliant but one day back at work and all the good has been washed away. Not my colleagues, just the place, it is shit! View full article »

Getting in to print

Busy day today so not much time to write. I now I’m slack and with just over a week to go but you’d think I’d give this more time, sorry but a lot of the time this is an after thought. View full article »